Highly Recommended Tours in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, the old Spanish colonial capital, is all set to bewilder its visitors whenever they visit the city. This very first European City of the New World is even today found to be intact sitting pretty well along Rio Ozama River’s western bank. If the Dominican Republic is your destination, then you just can’t skip visiting the historic city of Santo Domingo. This lively city is the modern face of the country. When visiting Santo Domingo, do consider some of these highly recommended tours. It would be absolutely in the fitness of things to take guided tours of Museo de las Casas Reales, Boca Chica and Monasterio de San Francisco. The Museo de las Casas Reales is located on Calle Las Damas, which is the first street to be built by Europeans in the continent.

This building was reconstructed in early 16th century, and served as a governmental palace in colonial times. The Chancellery of the Indies was among several other offices to be housed here. The Museo de las Casas Reales presently doubles as an art gallery with contemporary Dominican art exhibitions being prominently showcased. A tour of this historically important street in Santo Domingo will keep you spellbound where you will get to see the Reloi de Sol (sundial), which was built in 1753 on the orders of General Francisco de Rubio.

Recommended Tours

Vacationing in Cancun – An Experience of a Lifetime

Cancun located in Mexico, a part of the Caribbean, with its white sand beaches, warm climate and friendly people. This is a dream for any vacationer and one that you will cherish experiencing. Plan your vacation to Cancun and mark the days off on your calendar while you shop for your colorful clothes you will wear to enjoy the time spent. This piece of paradise has great barrier reefs for scuba diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, which can be done on the beaches of your hotel, or you can plan a more private spot if you require a more romantic getaway with your special someone.

Hotels in Cancun are obtainable at whatever budget you have. There are luxury villas available an intimate getaway, you can go the all inclusive route and enjoy the incredible food, various spa facilities, clubs and other sporting activities that is offered. There are great bars on the island that caters to incredible experiences of night life. You can party at the different super clubs along the hotel strip, or lounge and watch the party fever crowd enjoy themselves.

Cancun offers incredible tours where you can soak up some of the Mayan culture. There are tours to the many Mayan archeological sites where you can view and experience the Cenotes. These sinkholes that are bottomless pools of water, and once used in rituals of human sacrifices. There are bird sanctuaries for the nature lover that houses as many as 200 species of birds that are indigenous to the island. You may also go swimming with the whale sharks which are an experience you will remember for quite awhile if you are not one of the faint hearted.

Cancun is an exciting place. It was once marshlands and the Mexican Government saw the potential of this piece of coastline in the 1970s and acted on its development. This was the vision of the then President Echeverilla. He transformed over 593 acres of coastline into what you can enjoy today. He did this by sinking 16 wells, laying 100 kilometers of sewage, connected electricity from 93 miles away to the coast, and dumped tons and tons of soil in the marshlands to build hotels. Knowing the history and being able to enjoy the vision makes it that more unique.

Vacationing In Cancun

The Best Things to See While Visiting Tuscany

Next to the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea, Tuscany is home to medieval and Renaissance culture and history. The region’s art, architecture, history, views, food, and wine make visiting an unforgettable experience. A visitor should decide what to see in Tuscany by what is most important to their vacation.

Tuscany is broken down into provinces. This includes Arezzo, Florence, Grosseto, Livorno, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Pisa, Pistoia, Prato, and Siena. There is also the wine growing region of Chianti and the ecogreen area of Casentino.

Florence, Siena, Lucca, and Pisa are historic art cities of Tuscany. Every city has a beautiful cathedral, called a Duomo, which is worth seeing. The Duomo is located on the main piazza of these cities, oftentimes accompanied by a Baptistery.

In Florence, there are many museums and monuments to see. Michelangelo’s masterpiece sculpture called David is located in the Galleria dell’Accademia delle Belle Arti. There are replicas of David in on the Piazza della Signoria and Piazzale Michelangelo.

Also in Florence, the Uffizi Gallery has the best collection of Renaissance art in the world. The Museo Galileo is on the Piazza dei Guidici with 5000 items from the Medici collection of apparatus and scientific instruments. It also has the Lorenese collection of instruments and didactic and experimental devices. Visitors should also see the Medici palaces and gardens.

Pisa has the famous leaning tower on the square of miracles, or the Piazza dei miracoli. In the small town of Vinci, there is the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum located in the historic medieval Castillo Guidi circa the 11th and 12th centuries. There visitors can view Da Vinci’s works and browse the library.

There is also the countryside which is made up of small towns, villages, castles, villa, and vineyards. The countryside is a great escape from the traffic and noise of the art cities. Many towns in the countryside are thousands of years old with famous and well-preserved walls.

Many famous parks make up the countryside. It would be very difficult to visit every single park Tuscany has to offer. The city of Lucca has some of the best preserved walls in the world. The walls surround the city and have walking and bicycle paths along with magnificent gardens allowing visitors to view the historic city center. There are also towers visitors can climb.

The National Park of the Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, and Campigna is a unique and moving experience as visitors can explore forests that are some of the oldest in Europe. It is located in the district of Cassentino surrounded by mountains and reached by the river Arno upstream.

The Montioni nature park has a large artistic and cultural heritage. Ancient archeological finds have dated back to Etruscan and Roman times. These have been found under medieval constructions, such as the Pievaccia, the ruins of Montioni Vecchio Castle, and Montioni Thermal Baths.

The Pinocchio’s Park is in the ancient village of Collodi that has remained unchanged in the last century. Charming hill houses lead to Villa Garzoni which contains one of the most beautiful 19th century gardens in Europe. The Park of Migliariano, San Rossore, and Massaciuccoli is special to see because the Tirrenian Sea, Lake Massaciuccoli, and many rivers border it.

Visitors cannot forget to taste the wine. Chianti Classico is Tuscany’s most famous wine region that lies between Florence and Siena. Chianti has a beautiful countryside, picturesque villages, and spectacular wineries. Start by visiting Barone Ricasoli Winery and Brolio Castle for a great wine tasting. The city of Montepulciano is famous for a wine called Vino Nobile as well.

What is best to see in Tuscany largely depends on what is most important to the visitor. Great wine can be found anywhere, but is best tasted in the Chianti region. Renaissance art is found most in Florence but is also present in other major Tuscan cities. Nature and beauty can be found in the countryside parks. No matter where visitors go in Tuscany, history will surround them.

Visiting Tuscany